What are Kingdom Glimpses?

Occasionally God provides us with moments where we catch glimpses of His kingdom present on (and coming to) this very earth. It is when we see moments of heart-wrenching beauty through compassion, forgiveness, reconciliation, redemption, mercy, and grace: these moments are not of this world where we are hardwired to ensure the proliferation of self but they are moments of the kingdom- God’s kingdom.

Life is truly a profound gift that we need to be present for in order to appreciate. When we are present we are able to notice things- simple things- that often do not attraction attention. These kingdom glimpses are often seemingly simple moments but they are precious gifts which we are blessed to see, encounter, experience, and even participate in from time to time. My desire to is to be about these visions- these glimpses- whether that means simply noticing them in life, writing about them, or creating them. I hope to share glimpses of the kingdom on this very site.




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