Flowing Waters

One thing I’ve always known about myself is that I need a creative outlet. Like a dam bursting forth from my being, there needs to be somewhere- a sacred place (more on that later)- for the waters to flow. But where does this water come from?

The most important characteristic of an artist is curiosity. Curiosity leads to exploration and investigation. Exploration and investigation lead to new ground, undiscovered within our hearts, souls, and lives. And, we, as dynamic beings who exist in time and are continually changing, must be forever evolving and changing as well. This changing; this exploration and investigation not only leads to understanding but also to joy. When joy builds up, it must overflow. It must be shared. When my reservoirs fill and the dam breaks, the water will certainly cascade outward.


This website is a place to let those waters flow; a sacred place where I come alive. It is where I work on things that come from the soul of my very being. I am not sharing for praise or recognition but sharing for survival. I must share or I will drown. Like the seasons, there is winter and there is summer; there is spring and there is fall. There will be droughts and there will be floods. The consistency, color, and quantity of water will certainly change as everything does. When the rivers flow deep and swift, the water will pour downward, slowing washing outward, carrying with it nutrients: both alive and dead. If I trap and hold it inside, I will surely drown. And so, I must let the waters carry onward; I must share this creative burden (every blessing is a curse) and give way to vulnerability, exposing the very core of who I am and continually moving towards the the creamy watershed of rich, fertile soil that is the green valley of humility. Perhaps some the water will even make it through the alluvium to the oceans of humility.

One of the reasons for this website is that, to some degree, I feel it is part of my vocation. I’ve struggled for years to find one job that fits me and fulfills my sense of purpose. My commitment, however, is to work at doing what brings me life. And what brings me life is to capture, feel and experience beauty, to be creating and sharing glimpses of the kingdom. These are my commitments, not because I impose them upon myself but because they come from the very core of who I am. They are such a part of me that I slowly die when I fight against them.

I must be faithful to who God made me to be. And so I embark on a new journey. I seek to create a sacred place from which and to which the outpouring waters of creativity may flow. By intentionally carving out a place, I can direct it to be a space of contemplation. In fact, the word “contemplation” comes from the latin word “templum” which means “temple, or a place for observation.” I seek to create a temple, a sacred space where there is room for contemplation and observation, where curiosity captivates us and where imagination begins to bloom like well watered flowers as it is guided and illuminated by the spirit who gives us life. Out of this temple water freely flows out and away. In this temple, I will attempt to string together, like a flowing river springing up from the ground, these things that I have spent my life, my days, my moments creating and capturing. Each and every moment that I spend creating and capturing is a moment of who I am. I must share these moments to survive, and in doing so, these shared moments add up to something that is momentous.