The Lost Files

Spring rains cease and soon glisten as the clouds part. Raindrops roll off rocks and onto banks of snow. Hidden high above, in an alpine meadow, is a golden flower opening to the sun. She is discreetly tucked behind mountainous crags on a patch of soggy earth, waiting patiently to grow. A stark dust passes through luminous beams towards the flower and is caught in the stillness of warmth. It is falling from the stars. Gathering on her nose.

Winter, losing its grip, falls victim to gravity; soaking into soil, pooling into rivers, and eroding its way lower. 

Ironically, while sweating in the humidity of South East Asia for three months there was a great blizzard slanting violently through my head like a glass snowglobe in the hand of an angry child. My brain’s creativity ceased for a season- the creative waters froze. But the snow did continue to fall and accumulate.  

I had a hard time finding the energy to invest in anything creative over these last 3 months while being consumed with the logistics of perpetual motion. Basically, I was restless. And homeless. Riding from town to town with no certainty as to where I would be the next day. I loved it. And hated it. But creative efforts had to wait.

And then my computer broke. I lost everything on it. But I held onto the thread of hope that my photos would still be alive on a dead computer. I hoped for resurrection. Whenever people asked me about my computer I tried to speak with a cadence fraught with the hope of resurrection. Life from death; perhaps it was possible.

And now I know. Somewhere high above me is a delicate spring flower, ready to grow. The snow is beginning to melt. The waters are making their way down. The creative backflow begins to unthaw; turning from its timidity and dribbling, drop by drop, until it becomes a gushing torrent.

Upon arrival back to the USA, I dove into the murky world of laptop repair and found a way to fix my computer. I stand as a witness to resurrection. The files that were dead have come to life. The files that were lost have been found.







Be sure to follow along as I slowly edit and process all of the photographs and lost files from the trip.


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