The Ineffable Heaven and Earth

There’s something that speaks of heaven here; it cannot be contained in words. The ineffable heaven and earth. All in front of me. Violent negotiations. Layers are shifting and exchanging, criss-crossing like sleeves of glass. The crystal tiles slip and pull, delicate as silk, over my skin.

For but a moment I am baptized before my sin stains me again. The sand covering my feet in the realities of human life. We are broken. We are flawed, stained with sand sifting gritty between our toes. I could walk this beach forever and there would never be enough words to capture this plane. Where the ocean and terra combine. The ineffable heaven and earth.

Tumbling thunder. Distant billows. A growing roar. That golden sphere sparks a light on the backs of waves as they rise and fall with blessed wisps of rebellion to catch a breeze. Salty spray dissolves into the air behind the passing wave. The horizon rises to a wall and shows its silver lining as it falls, defeated. In its wake, a lull flattening makes an open window out to the vast plane of depths contained.

I come in the mid-to-late afternoon, in the winter; the crowds are gone; the fog not enshrouding me in a chill. But I come then for transcendence: a moment when time stands still- or at least slows. The sun, in its late winter alignment lingers lovingly over the horizon like an eternal sunset. Each golden ray that reflects off the water carries warmth to my cheek like a kiss to be cherished dearly. Grace. The dogs receive it as they chase seagulls in flocks, splattering in gallop through the conjoined plane of water and sand. Other times, it is the slow pace of the contented gull, patient for a crab who receives.

There is something important here, something about life and death meeting at this plane. Violent negotiations. When we get there we couldn’t have imagined it. We couldn’t have imagined it would be like this. Such fraught dreams we are capable of as creatures but still they pale in comparison to the great presence which transcends all knowing. I know not whether I rest in the sand or if the sweet colliding tiles have lifted me unknowingly and slid me under that great plane of existence. Filled with wonder. Into the ineffable heaven and earth.

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