Without implying that this site is grand or significant, the theme “momentous” alludes to the fact that life is composed of moments that are inevitably significant. We talk about a momentous occasion as a moment in time when something very important happens. But the sum of our moments is also greatly important. The moments which we live out are, in essence, our entire life; what we are doing with our days is what we are doing with our life. For better or worse, we cannot to lie to ourselves and say we are someone (perhaps someone who we wish to be) if we are not taking steps each and every day to become that person. We must be using our moments to move in a direction. If you put your leftover pocket change in a jar every time you break a dollar you will, in time, have a significant amount of money saved. In the same way, our moments, if used collectively for a common purpose and direction can become momentous. In other words, a momentous life is a life where the moments are used in a meaningful way. To be an artist is to use those moments of life to create beauty in whatever way, shape or form an artist can.

This idea of momentous circles back around to the central idea that this site is a way for me to output and share what I am creating and capturing as it relates to God’s kingdom. For me, the act of creating is a religious ritual. It is something I do to engage in worship. It is a way I emulate God, the creator. I feel I am called on a daily level (indeed each moment) to create.

In this temple, I will attempt to piece together these things that I have spent my life, my days, my moments creating. Each and every moment that I spend creating is a moment of who I am. I must share these moments, and in doing so, they add up to something that is momentous.


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