To be curious is to indulge the imagination.


It is a profound thing to be curious. With curiosity propelling us, we are prone to ask questions and asking questions is essential for working towards change, renewal and bringing about God’s kingdom. To me, curiosity is the quintessential trait to be desired; if a person is curious, they have a drive that pushes them onward to try to understand why everything is as it is. With curiosity by our side, we wonder what it is like to be another person; it causes a person to move towards empathy, which is social imagination- something Jesus exemplified frequently.

With curiosity, a person wonders, and in wondering, they use their imagination. These things: curiosity, imagination, and empathy are very important for artists, creators, and Christians. We should strive to be curious, imaginative and empathetic.  Prophetically, we must also strive to be countercultural; that is, we must not let the priority of our life be acquisition(al)- as in, acquiring goods, services, and experiences- but inquisitional, curiously asking and seeking to know. In doing so, we grow. Knowing the answer is less important than the momentous journey on which the question takes you.




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