Cadence of Possibility

The word “cadence” means the tone, inflection, rhyme, rhythm, and harmony which carries underneath the words. Words uttered with a cadence of possibility are not just flat, lifeless words but words with hints and implications of something more: a hope that lies ahead. This hope is found in a world (and in spite of the world) that is too quickly doubtful and cynical. Our hope is not misplaced but is alive and well; it is something of a prophetic task that Christians must attempt to live into and work towards; a spiritual discipline. So, when we speak, we must speak with cadences of possibility: the subtle hinting that perhaps God is up to something, perhaps God is bringing about his kingdom, and perhaps we have a part in that bringing about of the kingdom. And speaking words with a cadence of possibility means that we shall not despair but we shall instead, be given into hope that when we face oppression and resistance, they do not squander and destroy our hope but only allow the hope to be solidified. When we are persecuted and oppressed, we draw closer and find ourselves assured of our hope together.


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