America I

The adumbration of atavistic America
and some who prophesied his coming
were lost in the sea of voices now come
out of the woodwork to say
“I told you so.”
though only the silent sea, apparent majority
this unexpected prophecy
not of Christ, who they claim he better represented
nor of the anti-Christ, who some say they see
but in truth, anti-the-Christ:

just a man, mammon
bent by fortune, fame, nearly severed from reality
who promises plague and boils
fall upon the foreigner, the stranger, who Christ calls our neighbor
and, if not careful, we let history march on its antiquated oppression

America II

We’ve been spoon-fed fear
And somehow come to believe-
backwards is forwards.
Believe and take heed.
Make true the words
of slipping power:

Better the devil you know than
a future unknown.

For the fallen tale of America is
picked up again
saved from the clumsy hands of fable
hail, hail potentate
and throw on the facile saddle we mount
cowboys of the politick, greenbacks
highly anointed with oil

For the anger of losing what you love
slowly like your youth
and your keynote lover

Or, like your dog
privilege grows old, bares the crushing weight
of expectation: you can have it all
and it’s never enough.

America III

Crown those ennoble, who win in perjury
in constant state of plumage
to stand obstinately through privilege

And frown those, ignoble, of us in penury
constant state of umbrage
to stand, ostensibly through privilege

America IV

The fallen eagle rises, ruffled, now ratite,
flightless and spitting.
This obstreperous ostrich,
obdurate and obstinate,
America becomes.

And salvation comes, born of self:
liberty, justice, happiness
ever out of reach
with our head in the sand

They voted their way
voted away their pain
not thinking (not knowing?) of
the pain of others.

Our views
which cost us nothing
so Why not
close your eyes
if it steals away the pain we feel
of America’s slow fall.
We will resuscitate, make great
this fumbling experiment again

America V

we, the bleeding blue,
self-proclaimed angels to the poor
ideological and nebulous
protectors of this heavenly progression
break under arrogance
and self-delusion
as we work, godless, towards utopia incarnate
A perfect society

Why not advocate
our views,
our inalienable rights to self-righteousness,
righteous indignation- rightfully so-
even if it turns us cold and costless

But what do we do
when hope becomes a dirty word
even among pacifists

But what do we do when we
like babies both
unborn and born
yearn to be held

We hold our agendas instead of each other
like babies both
unborn and born
yearn to be held
we cry out

America VI

To my brothers, my sisters
climb in my eyes
and hide: a blanket of saltwater for your rest
and shields of safety swim

And let me climb in yours
see, feel, the burn of your tears
the saltwater blankets of fear and anxiety

let the tears of the oppressed fall
in my palms
and let this grief be shared
by all, at least, me
and let the pools in our hands dry
saltwater stained
as we walk
broken together

America VII
Instead of oppression, let us march
around this ancient and atavistic
wall of Jericho.
Let us cry out
and coming slowly, we may hear
the adumbration of crumbling

Beauty growing in cracks of kindness
spring and bloom
His kingdom, where women are respected and honored
the stranger is loved, integral
colors and cultures, all essential, build to beautiful
an infinte mosaic

And slowly
the Christ
comes to life

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  • “We hold our agendas instead of each other”…great to read what you’ve thinking and writing! Thanks for sharing Lee!

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