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A Dedicated Space

Here I must underline the importance of place. A place can be spacious or tight, cold or warm, exclusive or welcoming. By intentionally making a place, I dedicate it to be a space of observation and contemplation. In fact, the word “contemplation” comes from the latin word “templum” which means “temple, or a place for observation.” My intention then, is to create a temple, a space where there is room for contemplation and observation where curiosity captivates us and imagination begins to blossom as it is guided and illuminated by the spirit who gives us life. In this temple I attempt to piece together the things that I have spent my life, my days, my moments creating and capturing.

This temple will not strictly contain writings (although mostly) but also photos, videos, sermons, poems, drawings or any sort of creative outpouring. In many ways, creativity is what gives me life; it is what makes me move forward and evolve, otherwise I stagnate and die. To not speak- to not create- for me, is death. So I feel I must continue to output creativity; to speak my mind in creative manners so that I may evolve (change and grow) instead of die.

An Exposé

When we to create, I believe that there is also an obligation to share what we have created; to join in the great conversation. With the idea of creative outpouring inherently comes the idea of an exposé: to call attention to something that needs our attention. To me, the word exposé implies that some art is selected and displayed with the very purpose of bringing something to light that needs to be brought to light. In other words, the purpose of an exposé is to expose. Too often we ignore things that shouldn’t be ignored. But as creators, we are called to create, share, and give voice to the voiceless.

The very act of sharing allows us to participate in an exposé (by exposing others to things they need to be exposed to). Especially for Christians, this is a prophetic task we must take seriously. We cannot be complacent. We need to work toward change and renewal. And, one of the ways Christian artists are called to do this is through exposé- using art to expose.


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